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A Better Weigh Program FAQ

A medical weight loss center is a clinic operated by trained and certified medical experts. These specialize in providing proven, customized programs for safe and sustainable weight loss. A Better Weigh is a medical weight loss clinic. We are staffed by certified doctors and nurses dedicated to helping you become healthier and happier with your body.

Why A Better Weigh Weight Loss? A Better Weigh is your premier partner for medical weight loss programs. We work with you closely to find the perfect weight loss plan to help you lose weight quickly and safely.

Can Medical Weight Loss Help Me Lose Weight Fast? Everyone is different, and some people will lose weight faster than others. With the help of a medical weight loss program, you can expect more effective results. What’s more, A Better Weigh will check-in regularly and adjust your program to help you stay on track.

Are Medical Weight Loss Clinics Safe? Medical weight loss clinics are one of the safest and most responsible ways to lose weight. We have you work with an experienced team of nutritionists and medical experts. This ensures that you lose weight safely, and we’ll help you learn how to keep it off in the long run.

How Does Medical Weight Loss Work? First, you have a consultation with a team of experienced medical professionals. From there, your weight loss goals are determined, as is the best way to achieve them. We will then develop a tailored plan unique to you and your needs.  

Is Medical Weight Loss a Fad? Not at all! When you come to A Better Weigh, we want to help you in the safest and most responsible way possible. We’ll never put your health at risk. With our experts you will never see a fad diet or unproven medication. 

You can expect to lose 1 to 5 pounds a week depending on the program option you choose. Total weight-loss results are dependent upon length of enrollment in the program and adherence to diet recommendations. A Better Weigh medical weight-loss team works with you to choose a program that’s most suited to your goals.

One of the most commonly used prescriptions we give out is Phentermine. Phentermine is an appetite suppressant that helps promote better nutrition. It works with your brain to curb any excessive hunger cravings while you are on it. Phendimetrazine are other medications that we often prescribe to help suppress appetite.
While these are our most common medications, they are by no means the complete array. If you do not fit either one of these two, we can assess your individual needs and see what you do qualify for.

What are the qualifications to get prescription weight loss drugs? If you have been unable to lose weight despite diet or exercise, you will be a great candidate for prescription weight-loss drugs. When diet and exercise don’t work, more powerful ammunition must be brought to the fight. That’s where prescriptions come in. Additionally, if you have a body mass index (BMI) of 30, you can qualify for a weight loss prescription. Similarly, if you have a BMI of 27 or above and are also affected by high blood pressure or diabetes, you can qualify for assistance.

We are 100% sure that if you follow the plan, you will lose weight. However, we can't guarantee exact results because we have no control over what you do once you leave the clinic. We teach you alot about your body and what it needs but it's up to you to learn, commit yourself, and keep disciplined!! Every day you follow this proven program will make you a day closer to your goal! We promise!

The medication can be safe in high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. We have specific guidelines for you to follow and symptoms to pay attention to when using the pill. We will talk specifics at the visit. We would like you to know.... If you have high blood pressure that is under control with high blood pressure medication, be prepared to buy your own blood pressure cuff to use at home. We will require you to agree to this before we will prescribe the phentermine. We will ask you to check your blood pressure at home daily before taking the diet pill to be sure your blood pressure isn't elevated. Two good things happen because of this, you will be more attune to your blood pressure numbers and you will give yourself a good margin of safety when using the diet pill with hypertension. Great news!! After losing weight, many patients have been able to reduce the amount of medications that they take for all three conditions.  

A Better Weigh Program FAQ

Yes!  We have a lot of men on the program and they do extremely well. We also have a lot of couples, friends, and family doing the program together. 


Ultimately the decision is up to you, but here are some points you’ll want to consider when deciding on your program:

  • How much weight do you want to lose?: Generally speaking, the more weight you’re looking to lose, the more aggressive of a program you would want to go.
  • How many weight-related health problems do you have (and how severe are they)?  (problems include, but are not limited to: diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, arthritis): Generally speaking, the more weight-related health problems you have, the more aggressive of a program you would want to go.
  • How many weight-related health problems do you see in your family (thus, potentially in your future)?:  Generally speaking, the more of these health problems you see in your family, the more aggressive of a program you would want to go.
  • How busy is your schedule?: This may sound like a silly consideration, but in reality, you’ve got to do something that has the best chances of working for you. Generally speaking, the busier you are and the more hectic your schedule, the more you should consider a program that incorporates meal replacements.
  • How frustrated are you with your weight?: Typically having lost and regained on other weight loss programs, our patients often feel a great deal of frustration when we meet with them for the first time. A good rule of thumb, the more frustrated you are with your weight (or, more concretely, the more weight loss efforts you’ve made in the past), the more aggressive of a program you would likely want to go. By hitting it hard from the beginning, that'll provide you with a jump start on turning that frustration into motivation.
  • Human chorionic gonadotropin (or hCG) is a natural hormone produced in the human body during pregnancy. It has also proven to be effective in aiding weight-loss treatments.  A Better Weigh Weight Loss provides health evaluations to see if an hCG diet is right for you. We then combine regular hCG injections with a low-calorie diet for optimum results.

    How long can I do the HCG Program? It depends on your weight loss needs and response to ketosis. Most people with be on the VLCD for approximately 12 weeks or longer. While you are losing weight you will be monitored to determine best timing of the transition to the Modified VLCD.

    Only if you eat too many calories!! That's what we want to teach you!!! Once you reach your weight loss goals and when you are ready, we suggest you taper off the diet pill. We will show you an easy way to taper off the diet pill. Stopping the medication does not cause you to gain weight but we've read some recent research on the brain and appetite center that will help us help you maintain your hard won weight loss. Simply put, the brain 'gets used' to your fatter body as normal. After you lose weight, the brain 'thinks' you are too skinny and your appetite increases to get your old 'normal' fatter body back! This relationship between appetite center and fat amount called a 'set point' like setting a fat level thermostat. Some research says that the brain takes a year to reset this fat 'set point' thereby getting used to your skinny body.


    You will need a return visit. These diet pills are a controlled, prescription medication. We are required to keep detailed records of their distribution. For this reason we only give thirty pills at a time at one month intervals or longer. Plus, we want to see you, teach you and help you! Your office visit with us each month can be an important part of you reaching your weight loss goals. We help keep you accountable, and encourage you! We hope you always feel uplifted and energized after you come in!

    Can I drop in for an appointment? Absolutely! Many times our patients stop in just to see us. We will do our best to see you promptly.

    How much medication should I take? Start with half of the diet pill. We strongly suggest you just use a half for as long as that half works! More medication won't make you more skinny! Take the least amount of medication that helps you keep your calories in order. We insist you take no more than one pill per 24hours. This is a strong, controlled prescription medication and it is important for your health and safety to follow our instructions clearly.  

    What is the best way to use the pill? You can skip days when taking the diet pill. Some people only take the diet pill every other day, or twice a week. I advise people to use the pill as a helper to reduce thier appertite. The less medicine the better. If a patient is used to taking a whole pill every day and skips the pill... they might feel 'let down', less energetic and hungry. If you want to stop the pill after taking it regularly- ask us for our 'taper talk'. It's an easy way to lessen the dose of the pill over a few weeks so that you won't have such a big step to take when stopping it.   

    Are there medication side effects? When used properly, the medication is tolerated well by most people. Some 'usual' side effects can include trouble sleeping, headache, dry mouth, nervousness, and occasional constipation. Use the smallest amount of medication that helps you. This habit will lessen the above side effects. Less medication (1/2 pill) is always a better idea if your appetite is helped on a half of pill. The possible side effects can also be helped by eating the right way! Please eat frequent, smaller meals and snacks and drink enough water. That is the five finger concept!

    Will I be hungry all the time? Nope! The diet pill helps most people significantly reduce their appetite. Plus, by eating five times a day, sticking to the lower calorie suggestions and getting about 10 grams of protein in each meal and snack, most patients report that they don't feel hungry at all. At each office visit we address any problems or questions that you have about eating and the medication. We encourage you to eat often and to make good choices with your food.